Vanguard short review


I tested the chair from interwebz today and I'm thrilled the performance is great I have the full 240 fps I need

I had engine owning before and you can't compare the two chairs, for me as far as the first impression and the first test is concerned, it's EO kreisliga and Interwebz Champions league

AIMBOT 11/10
In 8-9 Games Master 1 no callouts no shadow ban, for legit playing best I have ever seen and i saw a lot, the rcs is so soo soooooo good for controller
BTW play like 15 games over all in most over 30-40 kills but legit legit setting

ESP 10/10
Use only skeleton working perfect for me

MISC 8/10

working perfect try the camo unlock, give only 8 points because it’s not 100% safe

Overall the best vanguard chair i every try for this fucking cheap price it’s more then worth and the support is so fast helpful and friendly
And the performance is soooooo fcking good you can’t believe this for real I’m soooo happy that i found this one

i update here maybe something in the next weeks when i try it more