STILL the best around (MW/WZ)


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I made a video of these cheats a while back on my youtube channel tech exploits. Had about 3.4k views. Came back after trying other cheats on the market just to see where the markets were. Safe to say that 99% of providers out there are complete garbage, spyware or worst. Just spyware and a scam on top. There is a lot of stuff detected in said cheats. That goes for all of them as it is more server side detection. As always i do recommend a spoofer before cheating and a new account. If you need a good spoofer where you wont get scammed send me a pm and ill do my best to help you out with current knowledge of the scene. As for the cheat itself. Still a fantastic loader, UI, injection, and most importantly performance and customization. The best cheat for the best price. Buy NOW! Make sure to use code CAPPE to save 10% on your purchase and always remeber youll be well taken care of here. Support is off the charts. Great atmosphere, great mods, great everything. Thanks for reading and have a great day! -Tech Exploits