Shadow ban reset in mw2?


Tldr: since it's a new game, anyone knows if insta shadow ban persists on warzone 2.0?

Full: I used to get shadow banned in the middle of 2nd match for every account I make. Me and my girlfriend let 15 days of warzone sub go to waste because of it. I live in a 3rd word country that elected a convicted robber to president and 20 dollars for each 2x256gb m2 for raid0 and 100 dolars for lifetime (i can ad spoofer here, since iw does not sell right?) is completly out of reach although that is the most viable option. Testing myself without spoofing is unthinkable as: 1 - I don't want to risk wasting 30 days of sub; 2 - if I go uninjected, I do not get shadow banned. For every admin that might know the answer there are likely 1000 users that also might know and for that reason I'm asking here instead of opening a ticket.

Thank you for any good soul that might know this answer and reply here.