New cheat released!


Hello everyone,

Today is a special day, we are releasing our first ever public non-Source engine cheat.

For a while now we have fantasized about expanding our catalog of cheats. Not too long ago we made the final decision to make that idea a reality.

We are kicking off with a personal favorite of ours, STAR WARS Battlefront II.
It is a really fun game to play, and even more fun to cheat in, and we believe with this release we currently have the best cheat on the market for the game.
Including a FairFight safety mode, Triggerbot, Magic Bullet, Vehicle Aimbot and much more.

Over the course of this year we are planning to expand our catalog to include cheats for many other games, we are working hard behind the scenes to achieve this goal.

Keeping all of this in mind, this will certainly not be the last new cheat release you can expect from us, more to come soon!

Additionally, to celebrate this release, all our other cheats will be on sale for the next 48 hours, enjoy!