MW2/WZ2 Review


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Been using the MW2 cheats for a few weeks and more recently Warzone 2, thought it was worth leaving a review.

Messed around with my own config and also tweaked @Awesoming's config a little to set it to my own preference.

Aimbot - 10/10
Haven't had any issues so far with it, locks onto targets perfectly and you can change nearly everything with it. Humanization tools are perfect as well <

ESP/Visuals - 9/10
Can't complain about the visuals either, super customisable and faultless. Would be nice to see ESP whilst in vehicles in WZ2, which I assume will be added eventually.

Triggerbot - 10/10
Don't use it too much, but the few times I have it's been faultless.

Security - 11/10
Haven't been banned in the few weeks of using it, only a shadowban which has nothing to do with the cheat, that went off the account after a week anyway. Haven't heard of any detection's either, used to use the CSGO cheat back in 2017 and never knew of that to be detected.

Unlock all - 10/10
Didn't use it on first release as I heard about bans so stayed clear of it, but since it got re added I've used it and had no issues. Can't really go wrong with unlock all.

Haven't came across any bugs, only usual game crashes but pretty sure that's just MW2, nothing to do with the cheat itself. Haven't had any FPS drops that some people have mentioned.

Edit : I played legit for the first week or so, since then I've been playing fairly blatantly. So for the legit side it's perfect, then rage hacking it's also amazing.

Will be purchasing again once this sub is over!