MW / WZ Review


MW / WZ Review
The aimbot is customable with humanization and aimcurve. The humanization makes the gameplay experience legit. Raging with iWEBZ was a great experience.
Over all Aimbot 8.5/10
The triggerbot with iWEBZ is functional and has all the needs. It also comes with humanization.
Over all Triggerbot 8/10

The ESP/Visuals is basic, it has player info, loot info, radar, grenade projectiles, and custom crosshair.
Over all Visuals 9/10
The general misc includes rapid-fire [Medium Risk], no spread [High Risk], no recoil, unlock all. The unlock all feature lets you choose categories on what you need without crashing. I don't recommend using unlock all for new accounts. Other misc includes menu key [Default key is M], panic key [To hide the cheat], safe mode [Blocked features that are high risk], then custom DPI.
Over all Misc 9/10

I would say that iWEBZ is worth the price in my opinion while using the COD cheat for 2 to 3 months.
Over all MW / WZ Cheat 8.5/10