Interwebz VANGUARD and Warzone review


INTERWEBZ is the best warzone and vanguard cheat i've ever used im more like a cheating on my main guy because i trust Interwebz cheats and its Aimbot provids alot of advantage when in a 1v1 or a 1v4 situation
Aimbot 10/10 Great Aimbot overall provide's alot of options that makes your aimbot looks more human and for me i struggles to config it becuase one im shit at configing configs for fps game but using other peoples config in the forums in the CONFIG section so you dont need to spent your time on turning the values so it would look legit.

ESP/Visuals 10/10 I would make it 10/10 because of its SUPERHIGH customization and diffrent options for what it would look like. And for the hiding part there are visual only option that only shows targets that are physically possible for you to see but if you don't know how to hide a ESP them check the visual only to look legit.

MISC 10/10 For the unlock and the silent aim it is top notch experience that unlocks the operators and skins and blueprints .etc

Bypass 10/10 ive being using INTERWEBZ on my main for many days now and not and not shadow banned with some semi blatant settings.


If i must say the cons for INTERWEBZ is that there are some small bugs like targeting allies dogs and identifies them as "Zombies" and sometimes in Warzone it will freeze the whole game and the only thing is to force quit the game though task manager and if your using a HWID Spoofer then u need to Restart the computer and do the opening proccess all over again.