Interwebz MW2019/WZ Review


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Now for starters, I'd like to clarify this is my first time using interwebz. I've used many other providers and in the short time I've had Interwebz I would say it is by far the best option out.

Getting Started
When you purchase your subscription everything is very straightforward and easy to get going. There are guides explaining step by step what to do and even a compatibility list. If you ever have any troubles, the staff always helps you with any issue you might have.

Aimbot Tab
The aimbot tab is WAYYY more customizable than any other provider out there, with the right settings you can either by snapping onto heads raging, or being as smooth as your favorite streamers. The aimbot itself has given me no problems and was very easy to get setup for looking legit. The humanization options are just amazing overall and again very customizable to fit any persons playstyle. I can't say much about the triggerbot as I've only used it a total of like 3 kills, but it works good and is even very customizable with more than just an on/off button. I would give the aimbot a solid 10/10

Visuals Tab

Visuals tab is great. Everything is very simple with a lot of customization and even has some features that other providers don't have. Not much I have to say about visuals besides they look nice with great customization options. I would give visuals a solid 9/10

Misc Tab

The misc tab is a nice addition to the cheat. With features such as categorized unlock, No-Stun, No-Flash, No-Sway, OBS-Mode, Safe-Mode, and more. My only complaint would be the limit of things you can unlock which gets kind of annoying because I can sometimes only unlock 1 category when playing, I don't know the reason why this is a thing but I'm sure it's a valid reason. One thing I would like to see added is an FOV changer, I'm sure this has probably been mentioned already but it would be cool to see that in there. Misc is an overall 8.5/10

Configs Tab

The configs tab is actually more than I expected in a good way. Most providers just have a set amount of config slots that are generically named slot1-slot10, but with interwebz you can name configs, delete, create, rename, import, and even export. This is very unique because I don't see this often for warzone providers and I think it's great because there is also a config subforum where you can share your config or use other peoples settings. Me personally I like this because I can share my settings with friends over discord and they can share their configs with me as well. Config tab is an overall 10/10

In the end, I really enjoy Interwebz and think it is the best option for anyone. I think it's safe to say that this will be my go-to provider from now on.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope you have a great experience with Interwebz like everyone else does.