Honest Coldwar Menu Review


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  • Aimbot - 6/10 It's Alright but it lacks Features Like Wall Hack Etc
  • Rader - 8/10 It's Good Can't Fault it
  • Safe Mode - I think Should Be Off By Default
  • Unlock Items 4/10 It Unlocks The Items But Doesn't Stick to your account when u restart the game it's Gone

Overall - 6/10

(things to add)
  • Unlock All - Everything & Camos & Attachments & Make It Stick
  • Add A Autoload To The Config
  • Add Change Camo So Can Change Camo On Any Gun In Game (Even PAP)
  • Add Set Player Level / Prestige
  • Add a Checkbox, To Tick When You Load The Cheat It Loads The Game After It's Loaded

If Them Things Could Be Added up The Price Will Make it easy for people to have everything all in one and not get like 3/4 tools.​
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  1. Hardunlock is something diffrent than the normal Softunlock
  2. Set the Config u wish as toggle Default there u have autoload
  3. PaP changer is a thing but most likely wont be added i think
  4. Never seen that this is even possible, if so its detectable
  5. Could be possible but i bet it would run into errors