epic review iwebz v2


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I've been using cheat for over 3 weeks, I think it's enough time to write here.

Aimbot / Legitbot 9/10
Of all public cheats, there is no better aimbot. Really, in addition there is a lot of freedom in the settings, which is a big plus, can be hard to set up for beginners tho.
It's smooth, feels nice.

Visuals 10/10
Everything you need is here tbh. Very pleasing to the eye, I like them very much, anyways im using chams most of the time so yup.

Misc/Movement 9/10
I find it annoying that the cheat crosshair is awfully big, which is why I don't use it. It's specifically about recoil one. Idk if it's my fault and i missed something but ig thats it.
bunnyhop is very cool, lots of useful options

Skinchanger 10/10
What I like about skinchanger is that we have a nice preview and we can do anything we want.

I miss lua addons here, if im being honest - oh, and I would finally like ragebot to be added, because I constantly meet rage cheaters, with whom nothing can be done, it really sucks nowadays. Other than that the price is very cool, the community is great and there is always someone to help u. :merkur:


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Do you use this cheat on prime match making and does it have vacbypass I’m new to this so just trying to do this without getting banned