Deluxe MW2 Cheat Review


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Hello my name is Fahid from India and i want to review the MW2 cheat product offered by Interwebz ™.

- AIMBOT: 10/10
It has a a lot of humanization and customization features, and with the right settings you will never get called out for aimboting if you can use your brain.

- ESP/VISUALS: 10/10
Same as aimbot, a lot of customization and it also looks super clean. Currently it lacks support for WZ2 loot, but since I'm sure it will be added soon

Works really well most of the time and it can also aim for you, so it's really cool.

- MISC: 10/10
Theres nothing much to it, only used unlock all and it does what the name of the feature says.

good shit