COD : 2019 Warzone / Multiplayer


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Not to d*** ride the software but it is very very stable. With legit settings (Very low Aimbot, and Minor ESP) the cheat performs very well and you can look like a professional player with clean shot and never get called out. Used the cheat on multiplayer and warzone, it’s very fun and easy to configure and once again, it doesn’t kill your game and it’s not buggy. I give the cheat 10/10 for a solid built Legit cheat! I’m sure you can make it do crazy stuff like semi rage, but some players here don’t really wanna rage, they wanna look very skilled. Would purchase again! Also to note, this is my first time using Interwebz, and I can say it is the LEAST problematic of all other software! Went 40 kills multiplayer and nobody said anything and even my friends told me my shots were very legit.