Brutally Honest Review of INTERWEBZ


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I've used over ten different cheats for Modern Warfare II as of now.
Some of these are big names many would recognize; others are private, invite-only products.
I'd say I'm an objective voice that has a pretty good understanding of what a "good" cheat is.

I thought I'd leave a review of INTERWEBZ after using it for a couple of days.

Aimbot: 9/10
Humanization is always welcome in a cheat. Not to mention the vast amount of settings that one can tweak to their personal liking. There's not much to say. I have my personal favorite aimbot for COD games, but INTERWEBZ is definitely up there. I'd even go as far as to say that INTERWEBZ ranks in my top three favorite aimbot for COD games.

Triggerbot: 5/10
Compared to other triggerbots on the market, INTERWEBZ's MWII triggerbot is mediocre at best. There are simple settings you can tweak around with, but overall the triggerbot is unresponsive and sometimes incorrectly targets. It also is reliant on other factors which makes it perform worse for certain people. It's usable, don't get me wrong. But is it the best? Is it actually good? Not really. A lot of work could be put into making the triggerbot better.

ESP: 10/10
The ESP on this cheat resembles classic CS:GO ESP, which is very much to my liking. There are a lot of settings you can fuck around with, and I think it's easily customizable to anyone's liking. I found my sweetspot with the ESP fairly quickly. Dark skeleton with pointers of enemy directions. There's not much to say regarding the ESP. People might bring up the ESP flickering whenever screenshots are cleaned or in between rounds but that's client-sided so there's not much INTERWEBZ can do about it.

Misc: 7/10
A feature many probably want, Unlock All, has been down for several days because it's difficult implanting it and keeping it undetected. It's widely known that most Unlock All tools will get you banned sooner or later, especially ones that are public. I'm not too surprised that INTERWEBZ decided to keep it unavailable; personally, I think it's safer to just remove it altogether. There's no point in having it if there's a chance of detection, especially with how good the rest of the cheat is. Otherwise, the rest of the miscellaneous features are nice to have. There aren't many settings under the tab, but it's more than enough. Realistically, there should be no reason people want more settings under the miscellaneous tab. It's risky, dangerous, and bound to get detected. Better to keep it simple.

Would I recommend the cheat? Sure, why not.
Are there better options? Yeah, of course.
But for the price and the product you're getting, INTERWEBZ is definitely worth every penny.

If you're still on the edge contemplating whether you want to buy a sub for INTERWEBZ or not, feel free to DM me and I'll talk to you about it.