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    if youre not shadowbanned after this then idk xD
  2. Vanguard Review

  3. "legit" cheating on vanguard - shipmas 24/7

    thumbnail looks sick
  4. when will wz be back up to purchase?

    they cant see the shoutbox since they dont have an active subscription
  5. Call of Duty: Vanguard

    After a day of using the cheat I can say that it works perfectly fine. 10/10
  6. Rage Mic Clip Thread

    He do be mad
  7. Warzone Review

    So I've been using this cheat since release and imma give it a 9/10. There are still some bugs that I know will get fixed in the future and when they are its a 10/10. The coders know what they are doing and I see a lot of potential in this cheat. Customer support is great too, so if you are...
  8. ez for interwebz (SWBF2)

    good luck :mint:
  9. ez for interwebz (SWBF2)

  10. paypal

    then msg a reseller
  11. paypal
  12. They asked for HvH so I gave it to them.

    They asked for hvh so i gave it to them x)
  13. Do you support servers with custom playermodels?

    Okay I will just continiue using an usb stick then. Thank you for the help
  14. Do you support servers with custom playermodels?

    this question might be retarded but is it safer to use an usb stick?