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    MW Unlock all reverse camos.

    The 45k limit is there because that's the maximum amount of stuff the game allows you to have. Restart the game and re-inject and only unlock the Cold War items and you should be good to go unless there's actually something wrong with it ig, I used it just a few days ago with no issues.
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    MW Unlock all reverse camos.

    Afaik it does, I can be wrong tho.
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    Modern Warfare

    It's not detected as of now but could very easily get detected whenever they want too, hence why it's locked under the safe-mode.
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    [live] rage cheating till shadowban

    Def possible to get sb'd in cold war, got one there myself but it took time. Same goes for Vanguard.
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    [live] rage cheating till shadowban

    The fact that this account is still alive hits me harder than an eighth of blue dream.
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    FPS Drop

    Barely any fps drop but as with any cheat you will lose some performance, for me it's not bad, I lose about 20-30fps at most. It largely depends on what setup you're running too, with what you have there shouldn't be any major fps drop.
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    New titles

    Not only are you guys primarily focused on working with those projects but those projects turned out to be like everything else here at iwebz, the best premium cheats out there. I'm glad I put my money here as always :D
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    Best Vanguard cheat ever used review

    Ain't no waste, I see it as the best investment I've ever done. What you get in return is better than money :boss:
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    cold war livestream

    @Eagle still on the same old account? :O
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    l4d2 was so nostalgic to play back a few years ago, remember using the cheat iwebz had for it back then, my god. I miss it haha :pepeclown:
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    nice gameplay :negro:
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    csgo instant red trustfactor

    It will get fixed I'm sure just not now, they've had a shit ton to do as of lately.
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    Cold War work on Zombie mode?

    Pretty sure it does, yes. Although I haven't tested it myself so can't say for sure.
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    csgo instant red trustfactor

    This issue is a common issue that will get fixed eventually, not 100% sure but I do think the devs know the cause of issue, it's just been a lot with all the cod products as of more recent times.
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    legit closet cheating w/ interwebz on br quads

    If you ask @Eagle what he defines as legit this is what kind of gameplay you'll get, I like it! :mint: